Welcome to Fee’s Plant Intimacy Space

Welcome to Fee’s Heartwood and Plant Medicine Space. A place where I share offerings of Sacred Tree Immersions and other such things from my home, Hollow Tree House, here in Cornwall.

The Tree Immersions are offered online for those who are a distance away with additional group gatherings in person for those able to attend.

We are also growing a Healing Forest of Medicinal Herbals. 

If you are interested in finding out more then please go to the events page where I place the dates as they come forward. Each Tree Immersion is unique and held in a  way where the tree becomes our guide and we microdose with the tree’s medicine daily whilst exploring our connection with them through dreaming, art, creation of personal medicine, sound and ceremony. There is always mysterious unknown aspects to these journeys as each tree opens us to its own beauty, intelligence and consciousness.

The Trees always offer an exploration into our own healing and personal  understanding of ourselves. We get to slow down and move into the dreaming of the  tree over the time together as we weave relationship and learn from them. If you are interested in joining future tree immersions then you may contact me at feelynn@hotmail.com for information.



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Elder Tree Immersion October 2021

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