About Fee

Fee Ryall

Intuitive Healer & Herbalist 

Welcome. I’m Fee Ryall and I’ve been working as a healer since the 80’s. I grew up working with my father on his plant nursery in Stroud. Since then I’ve spent time studying Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and other forms of energetic healing plus I work with the akashic records supporting ancestral healing, soul retrieval and soul family reconnection. I am an empathic psychic.

As well as the soul work that I do, I really wish to support people in their meetings with plants, helping them to come into an intimate connection with them. 

I also love to help people learn how to make simple medicine and share practices that can be passed on through generations. 

I’ve worked with groups and one to one with people for over 35 years offering journeys, retreats, meditation sessions, workshops, plant immersions, sacred plant diets and healing sessions to help people gain inner awareness and an understanding of the gifts they hold and their own uniqueness.

If you would like to chat or ask any questions about my work please do get in touch sometime.