Plant and Tree Immersions / Diets

Elder Tree Immersion October 24th – November 25th 2022

THE RELAXED MEETING Through the work I’ve been doing with plants in the past I’ve really come to realise that for me slowing down and giving more time to meet the plants and trees over a longer period is so beautiful as it gives you lots of time to explore and deepen into different aspects of your connection with them. You can sink into their energy and explore at a more leisurely pace which helps as they can reveal more to you over time as your body is able to absorb and integrate their teachings, unique energies and their medicine. Each plant or tree offers us a journey which will be changeable each time we connect with them and whilst my aim will be hold a basic foundation for each immersion through regular meditations, journeys and suggested practices, within this framework each person may experience something completely different and specific to them. This slow older way of connecting is ancient and has been used by many people in the past. As we bring it forward we will tweak it and flavour it in our own ways but the core practice of a slow integrated meeting remains the same. 

MICRODOSING For each plant or tree immersion the practice of microdosing is valued which involves the creation of a medicine such as a tincture, essence or other preparation. This is taken in small amounts daily so that we can gradually invite an experience of the plant weaving its essence into our bodies. This is why the word diet or dieta is used as it indicates a time of microdosing over a period of time. For each diet I offer I either invite you to create your own preparations to microdose with or I will be creating an elixir which is a mixture of tincture, essence, infusion, honey and sometimes other additions such as lemon or fruit depending on what guidance we receive from the plant. You may like to receive the elixir in preference to making your own preparations. No one way is better, you might want to do both. I will always send you directions on how to make your own preparations in advance of each immersion so you can feel into what you prefer.

THE BASIC FOUNDATION FOR THE IMMERSION Each immersion will last between 3-5 weeks. (I am also hoping to offer weekend retreats to hold diets next year which will involve fasting on plant elixirs). During each week of this time with a plant you will be offered regular practices. These will include:

  •  A weekly plant guided sharing which might take the form of a teaching, a talk or a specific practice.
  •  You will be offered a weekly healing journey to support you energetically. This may include some soul retrieval care or focus on reconnection with the wholeness of yourself. 
  • You will also receive weekly suggested extra ideas which might include things such exploring artwork, remedy making and using, physical movement, cooking, that sort of thing. I can’t be more specific as the guidance each time will change for individual immersions. 
  • The immersion will always begin with an opening ceremony and complete with a closing ceremony. These offerings will all be recorded and shared online over the month so you can move with them in your own time. Often people work through the content of an immersion over many months as this just sits better for them. The immersion can fit easily within the framework of your lives and can flow alongside the usual activities in your day to day. 

EXCHANGE REQUESTED I am inviting £80 for the immersions plus if you wish to receive a medicine bundle with the Elixir that will be an additional £16 including postage to UK. It may be a little more to other countries. If you feel you’d like to participate but can’t afford this then please talk to me for options. I’m requesting full payment on booking but if you wish to split it into 2-3 payments that is fine too.